Principal N.2 – Follow your Instinct

Every great innovation or enterprise is born from a simple insight.

More often, what we see in our minds is an improved or entirely new way of doing something.

Someone describes this moment of vision as an epiphany. A moment when our brains, without deliberate stimulation, unconsciously create a solution to a problem or a societal need.

From the excitement phase, we transition to a phase where friends, family, and colleagues may ridicule us for what we think can be done.

That’s the critical moment between joking and fantasising and analysing the feasibility of the idea.

Without data, experience, or similar cases, it’s possible to miss a significant business opportunity.

The phase where you receive negative and demotivating opinions is a natural step. That is how our society thinks and reacts to anything new.

It’s the duty of a true entrepreneur to investigate, research, gather some data and evidence that can partially validate their instinct.

Let’s remember that our instinct is the most powerful tool humans have, alongside our brains.

It’s a tool that has evolved over millennia and has helped us progress as human beings.

As I previously mentioned in the article on self-confidence, learning to trust our instinct is also a training process.

For example, I’ve learned to have more confidence in my instinct by supporting it with a validation method based on signals, events, and knowledge.

Everyone can create their own method, just as I have, by finding signals in their personal knowledge bank.

Once practiced for some time, you become better and faster at connecting the dots.

I believe that every entrepreneur should cultivate this habit of merging their intuitions with a quick validation method based on their own experience and knowledge.

Speed and practice help you become more confident and accurate.