Finding Balance in Your Entrepreneurial Journey: Lessons from Personal Experience


Being an entrepreneur is an exhilarating journey filled with challenges and opportunities for growth. As someone who has been running startups as a side hustle since 2009, I understand the drive and passion that fuels entrepreneurs. However, in the pursuit of success, it is crucial to find balance in your life. In this article, I will share my personal experience and insights on how to maintain equilibrium while chasing your entrepreneurial dreams.

The Trap of Nonstop Work

In the early days, fueled by youthful energy and ambition, I found myself working tirelessly on my startup, often sacrificing rest and personal time. However, I soon realised that this approach was counterproductive. As the months went by, I noticed a decline in the quality of my ideas, confidence, agility, and daily execution. My relentless dedication began taking a toll on my energy and motivation.

The Importance of Rest and Self-Care

Fortunately, with the support of my wife, I came to the realisation that both my brain and body needed rest to function optimally. While I had always been aware of this fact, I was so deeply entrenched in the vicious cycle of overwork that I failed to recognise the evidence right in front of me. It was ingrained in my entrepreneurial mindset to prioritise work above all else, often at the expense of my own well-being.

Striking a Balance

Taking my wife’s advice to heart, I gradually reduced my working hours and allowed myself dedicated time for rest and rejuvenation. Surprisingly, after just a few weeks, I began to witness a significant improvement in the quality of my work. This positive shift had a ripple effect on both my businesses, the companies I worked for and my personal life. I learned that finding balance is not a sign of weakness but rather a crucial aspect of sustainable success.

Seeking Support and Accountability

Entrepreneurs are akin to athletes who require rigorous training, nourishment, and ample sleep to perform at their best. It is essential to have someone in your corner who can remind you when your hard work becomes toxic work. This could be a coach, family member, or trusted friends who genuinely care about your well-being and want the best for you.

Training the Skill of Balance

While I sometimes slip back into the old habit of overworking, I have gradually honed the ability to listen to the signals of my body and adjust my workload accordingly. Finding balance is a skill that needs to be cultivated every day. By actively practicing self-awareness and self-care, I have learned to navigate the delicate dance between dedication and personal well-being.

Prioritising Wellness and Family

Lastly, it is important to acknowledge that dedication and commitment to your entrepreneurial journey should not come at the expense of your personal life. Neglecting your well-being and neglecting your loved ones will only hinder long-term success. Remember that true success encompasses all aspects of life, including personal happiness, relationships, and overall wellness.


As an entrepreneur, it is easy to get caught up in the pursuit of success and overlook the importance of balance. However, my own experiences have taught me that finding equilibrium is not a luxury but a necessity for sustained growth and well-being. By valuing rest, seeking support, and prioritising personal wellness, you can ensure that your entrepreneurial journey remains fulfilling and sustainable in the long run. So, let us embrace the wisdom of finding balance and create a life of harmony while pursuing our entrepreneurial dreams.

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