Principal N.1 – Believing in Oneself

Believing in oneself is the first milestone on the journey of entrepreneurship.

This self-belief should not be confused with arrogance or presumption, which, on the contrary, lack solid and objective foundations.

Based on my experience as an entrepreneur, self-confidence is a path of personal growth rooted in action and learning.

Experience forms the bedrock of self-confidence. The more you try and learn, usually in a well-defined field of work, the more you build the tools to face new challenges with a positive approach.

Just like learning to ride a bike for the first time, you must try, fall, get back up, learn from mistakes, and continue. Champions started from scratch, just like everyone else.

What I’ve learned from various jobs and businesses created is that there’s no need to fear not knowing how to do something or not succeeding.

For instance, I’ve always been a person without any exceptional natural abilities.

Knowing my limitations, I’ve applied a method that combines dedication, commitment, resilience, curiosity, humility, entrepreneurship, a desire for improvement, patience, and a touch of audacity.

This method has given me the opportunity to believe in myself and, most importantly, take pride in my growth journey.

It’s not about talent or innate gifts; it’s simply about training and practice, as in any field.

For entrepreneurs, the difficulty level is often higher, especially when starting the first or second venture. Without strong foundations, as was the case for me as well, self-confidence wavers, and the project struggles to take off.

When you begin your own business, there will be challenging moments that require a positive mindset combined with self-confidence. This positive approach is crucial for solving complex problems, overcoming stagnation, or finding innovative solutions.

Knowing this, one must strive to be objective, seek help from those with more experience, and celebrate every small victory or achievement.

Cultivate calmness and have faith in your abilities as highly motivated individuals on the mission of entrepreneurship that you’ve chosen to undertake.

It’s the mission that should drive you to believe in yourselves during the toughest moments. Never forget why you’re in business every day.